Jim Carr, a self proclaimed audio/music nerd, DJ’d his first gig in 1981, when Celebration by Kool and The Gang was a brand new song. A member of stage crew his whole life, Jim loves live music and theater. In the mid eighties, Jim worked for Canada’s first “Video Disc Jockey” company, and traveled extensively throughout Ontario working the CFTR Video Road Show. In the late 80’s, Jim moved to sound recording and with a friend, owned a mobile recording studio, recoding school plays and bands. Later moving to live recording of karaoke type events, before it was cool to use the work Karaoke.

In the 90’s Jim went back to school, and studied Radio Broadcasting and the rest is how they say history. Teaching the semester after graduation, Jim discovered the love of doing the two things that he loved at the same time by teaching audio.

Jim has a diverse music database, including: Country to Pop and Kids to polka, spanning the last 6 decades and a knowledge of the music to match. He currently works full time teaching audio and production in the Broadcasting Radio Program at Seneca College in Toronto and lives in Mississauga with his wife and two daughters.


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