Back to the future, House work, a super bowl and another word for…

Back to the future, House work, a super bowl and another word for, the week that was week 39 posted 1 week late!

If you could
Remember the movie Back to the Future? With the help of the flux capacitor and the Delorean, Marty and Dr. Brown where able to go back in time and somehow, with out destroying the world, make some small modifications to their life back then and subsequently alter their future. In the car today, I heard “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the news, and that got me thinking about the movie, and one thing led to another and I ended up going over what I might change if I too had a gull wing door time machine. Besides perhaps buying Google stock in 1997, I would have done a better job documenting the early life of our children.

Since the beginning of my blogging life, a little over a year ago, I have been good about documenting important things that happen in our life, but all the great stuff that happened more then a year ago, is only available in my mind and the minds of those that have shared the experiences. Nathalie and I talked about it and we laughed when we remembered Jordyn as a baby and how she would make us laugh everyday. She used to steal Bentley’s hard food, and hide it in her hands, and although we never caught her eating it, it would seem possible that she might have. When Julia was 2, we called her the BGB (Big Giant Baby), she pushed every norm we understood about milestones, and did stuff way earlier then she she should have and did so because of the insane perseverance she has. One day Nathalie watched her spend more then an hour, learning how to walk over the threshold on the floor in our kitchen without falling. Each time, she went down, she got right back up and did it again, until finally she made it walking.

Re-living events such as these, through the experiences of others help too, like our little two year old niece, CC and her almost daily stories of attitude, smarts and funny happenings. The other week, when they where away with Oma and Opa and where getting ready for swimming, the little one, answering the Oma question “Where did my little baby go?” pointed at Opa and his exposed belly, and said “Opa ate it!”. And this week, when CC’s mom was talking on the phone with Nathalie, totally stressed with the kids not listening, little CC in the background adds “I know Mamma, I am driving you nuts!”

In the end, I think there is great value in documenting, and telling stories from the past and if you don’t do it yourself, make it a point to start! It is never too late.

House help
This weekend, with the help of Oma, we finished up on a bunch of the little nick nack things around the house. Some more wall patching, some baseboards (finally) and the all important painting. I also mounted my LCD TV, and we moved some furniture around. We are making improvements and we are not done, but another little step closer. Next week, some new shelves, the finishing steps with painting and we need to hang some more pictures I think.

Super bowl
For the last three years, I have taken part in a foot ball tradition, and attended a garage party in Georgetown. One of my colleagues has his garage outfitted with a sound system and LCD projector, and of course all the peripherals you need in that kind of environment. Darts, pool table, pinball machine and a shuffle board table, with all the food and drink to go with it. Thanks for another great party Tim, and apparently, the garage is open during the upcoming Olympic hockey games, so I might have to make the trek north to check it out.

In closing
Look at us, a car full of education over achievers. Coming home from a trip to see my Mom this week gave us a little more then 30 minutes in the car together, and instead of playing silly games or even sleeping, we took the opportunity to go over Homophones. The funny thing is, that it was Jordyn’s idea, not ours and she came up with the majority of the good ones. One and won, hear and here, and of course, two, to and too. We all added our own, and had a couple of laughs. Next trip – Homonyms, or come to think about it, maybe sleep would be better?

Not sure if there is another word for “thanks for reading”, but if you figure it out, you can share it with me in a comment!

Have a great and safe week!