Oh Christmas Tree, Niagara Falls, and Baby it’s Cold Out There

Oh Christmas Tree, Niagara Falls, and Baby it’s Cold Out there, songs laughs and the week that was number 16 in the Carr Family.

I love our Tree!
Christmas has always held a special place in my heart, perhaps because it was the day I was born, but more likely because of the feelings that come from the festivities this time of year. Growing up, the weeks leading up to Christmas, still today are some of my best childhood memories and decorating the family tree is one of my fondest. Last year, we opted not to have a tree at our house, because we were not going to be home Christmas morning, and in retrospect, I am so glad we did it that way. It made this year’s tree setup even more special, by being the first in our new house. So with the Christmas music blaring, and the girls hopped up on way more excitement then anyone should have in those little bodies, we lovingly put up our brand new tree this week.

Over the years we have been together, Nathalie has made it a point to purchase new ornaments each year that are dated, and that represent our life at that time. My Mom caught on to this also, and usually gave us one each year. It was so special this year, unpacking each of the ornaments’ that hold a special place in our hearts and flashing back to the date and time we got each one. Whether it was a little snowman gift received from a friend, or the blue elephant we bought for ourselves or the “Granddaughters first Christmas” teddy bear from my Mom, they again all hold their place of honor on our tree.

All the trees, each year since I was a kid, have always been great, but have always been short just one thing, compared to the trees of my youth and I am happy to say that that has changed this year. For the first time since I lived on Yardley Avenue, tinsel is a part of the decorations and with each shimmer and twinkle, the light catches with this magic string, it seems to flash me back to growing up and I just have to say that I love our tree.

This week we got our first couple of days, dipping below the ever-important freezing point. It is no big secret; because I have talked about it before, I am not a big fan of the cold, and would much rather not have to put on a coat, let alone a scarf or gloves. Each morning while helping kids out of their parent’s car at my girls school for kiss and ride, I am reminded of my personal feelings on whether the hard way and after my toes stayed cold for most of the morning one day this week, I was thinking about volunteering and why I do it. I help out at the school so that the girls can see that if you pitch in, and help where you can, it makes you feel better and that it does for me. So my frozen toes this week, tell me one thing and it is NOT that I should stop helping out in the morning, it is that I just need to get warmer boots!

Niagara Falls
Well we tried, but failed to sneak out to see some falling water in the form of Niagara Falls this weekend. We had planned to all go with my cousin and her family, but the weather got in the way and so last minute we changed it up and stayed home. I think we will re-schedule sometime in the New Year, and maybe just maybe, as the snow is piled high in January, a trip to a hotel swimming pool for a day away, might just be what the doctor ordered. However, there was no shortage of water, and other liquids around the house for the weekend, with an awesome Greek dinner, time in the hot tub, some sparkling wine and a tremendous amount of laughing, even though it was not a night in Niagara Falls, it turned out better than any other alternative I could’ve dreamed up.

Congratulations to my littlest nephew, Colby for turning an amazing 7 years old. It hit me like a ton of bricks this week, the realization that all the kids are getting older and it all started with the youngest turning another year older. I was thinking about all our kids running around like little nut bars after each other and in that picture in my minds eye, how young they all looked. It is amazing that as important time is, to the whole process of getting older, we seem to all find it shocking when time passes and we inevitably get older, or at least I do. But that may be just me!

In Closing
I have wanted to tell one of the first texting with my daughter stories for a bit, but always seem to forget it, when it comes time to write my blog. I was reminded about it this week (for whatever reason!), so I will include it in this week’s post. It was 5 or 6 months ago, and either a Saturday or Sunday morning. I know this, because Nathalie and I where nestled in bed still and the girls had made their way downstairs, to start their day by watching TV and eating whatever inappropriate “for breakfast” item they could find. This is not the story, but we have caught them eating anything from chips to salad first thing in the morning, and have always given them a hard time about it. This morning, there must have been a shortage of food the required little effort to make because of what happened next.

After enjoying a bit of a sleep-in and waking in the arms of the person you love, Nathalie and I did what any married couple might do with some extra time to kill in the morning, only to be disturbed by the two beeps and a chirp, signaling a new text message on Nathalie’s phone. From my phone downstairs, Jordyn texted the following message to Nathalie! “Mommy, when you and Daddy are finished jumping on your bed, can you please come and make us breakfast?”

But Jordyn, we still have 4 more monkeys to jump on the bed!

Thanks for reading and have a great and safe week.