Having Dreams, a Big Surprise and Caring a Little More

Having dreams, a big surprise and caring a little more, the turkey induced, giving thanks Week 8 Carr blog.

When I was younger, other then the normal wanting a family and good health, I had three things I wanted to do in my life. I wanted to write a hit song, I wanted to write a book and I wanted to be in a movie. The funny thing about time and wishes is that they have an odd way of affecting each other and in some cases adapting and morphing into other dreams. Now, I still want to be in a movie one day, but my other wishes are a little more realistic. For a syndicated radio show project I was writing and producing a couple of years ago, I was I was able to write a song, and have it recorded and although the process was simple enough, the song and the project never got passed the demo stage. However, being easy to please I did check it off my original list (Yes, I know I said I wanted a HIT song, but in my head it was one!).

Since starting my blog more then a year and a half ago, I have had many regular readers suggest to me that I should write a book. I always smile and remember that childhood dream, and say, “Maybe one day”. I have gone as far as to think about what kind of book I would write and have some ideas, but in thinking about it, have more questions than answers. Could I commit to something like that? I hate writing dialogue; so I know it would not be fiction but other then a self-help or motivational type, what does that leave? I was talking to Nathalie about it the other week, and she said, “Seinfeld was about nothing, why could it not just be your random thoughts?” She might be on to something!

This week started with a day off from work, so that we may be able to give thanks. Thanksgiving has a different meaning for everyone I am sure, but for us in the Carr house, it is always about acknowledging family and friends. I am sure we don’t corner the market on giving thanks to family and friends at this time of year, but speaking selfishly for a second, I have way more to be thankful for then some I know. I have a great job that I love, a comfortable lifestyle, a nice house AND most importantly, a great group of friends and family that love me unconditionally. A Lot to be VERY thankful of so THANKS!

Great Cake by Lisa - bakergirl0029@yahoo.ca
Saturday we hosted a surprise party for our great friend – Jeff. Nathalie and his wife Coco, had been conspiring for almost 6 weeks on the epic event, and were able to pull off a complete shocker, because he had NO clue. One of the highlights for me was the group of 6 giggling girls 11 and under waiting in the small powder room beside our front door for more then 20 minutes, so that they were able to jump out and say “surprise!” And then later that night, them all dawning swimsuits, some MacGyvered’ to fit, and splashing and laughed in our pool for more then an hour. Imagine that on the 9th of October in the POOL. Way too much fun!

I had to do it. I had to give the Dad speech about giving a shit a couple of extra times this week. Now, I give the lecture to the girls enough around the house that I am sure if they had a “Dad says way too much list”, it would be at or near the top. Maybe just below, “Why does no one listen to me?” but certainly in the top 5. This week, I had to give it to my 3rd semester students, and I am sure they appreciated my tone and perspective on this issue. So many in the class are fighting the start time, that less then half of them are in their seats by the beginning of class. A number way too high again, have been messing up the simple instructions and are missing the project deadlines, and some when they meet the deadlines, are making simple, avoidable mistakes. All the results, I think, of not giving a shit.

It got me thinking, that if there is anything in life that will hold you back from advancement, it is the whole giving a shit thing. This week, I must have stopped to pickup trash just lying around the halls at school 10 times, some within feet of a garbage can. I don’t know if it is a generational thing, or a society thing, but I think we all need to start giving a little more of a shit. This week I have tried to do it myself, and I hope that I have inspired some of my students to do the same. And as for my children, I think that are slowly getting it, but just like me sharing my little life lessons.

In closing
You all know the words, so sing along, “Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home…” That was me in the car this week with the girls, and once again, as the lyric police, I had to step in a stop it from going off the rails. Jordyn was doing the second “round” part and driving me nuts. “Jordyn, you don’t sing that part, someone else sings it. You just sing the word one time”. My favourite part is always the end line, the rhyming part. I had to point out that it does not matter what you say, as long as the two words rhyme, because “have you ever seen a Lama, eating an apple is just not that funny.”

Thanks for reading, and have a great and safe week!

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  1. I love reading your blogs and also need a speech on giving a darn some weeks…..I think we just need to play that hit song at 50,000 watts world wide on shortwave and it might just take off the demo stage.

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