I’m back, Work, a Little Attitude, the Crazy House and some 9-year old Fashion Advice

I’m back, Work, a Little Attitude, the Crazy House and some 9-year old Fashion Advice, story’s and laughs from the Carr’s for another week.

Just the other week, I was chatting with a friend online, and I had used the past-tense-statement, “I used to write weekly blog” as if I was waxing poetically about growing up in the old days and walking 2 miles to work.  It struck me odd and I forgot all about it until I received an email tonight, notifying me of a “new” blog comment.  It would seem that one of my regular readers, just wanted to remind me that it has been almost a year since I posted the comings and goings of the Carr family.

This will never catch us up on the missing months, but over the next little while, if I can keep at it, and you continue to enjoy reading it, I will try to get you caught up on other exciting things that have happened with us, but for now, I present the first crack at a blog in almost a year!

This blog started as a weekly recap of what was happening at my work back in January 2009, so it would seem like a good idea to start with what’s going on work wise.  I had an amazing semester, with a great group of hardworking and smart students.  A great reminder of what I truly love about my job.  Add a new supportive Boss and a new-realigned school of programs, so all is well for me.

Over the last bunch of months, I kept sending myself email “nuggets” with blog ideas, based on things the girls would say, or things I would see.  And this story comes from a weekend if I remember correctly, a weekend that was filled with some cleaning and us (the parents) arguing with them (the kids).  Julia possesses an interesting attribute of mine, and I say interesting, others might call it annoying, but why quibble.  Julia will show her displeasure with a situation, not with words so much, but with body language and facial expression.

Imagine having two parents, totally on your case about your room, and picking up stuff and always giving you a hard time about the way you leave it.  This is nothing new for any 9-year old I would think, so I only bring it up, by way of painting a picture of her frame of mind, when I called a flustered little girl to see me to talk about her seemingly bad mode.  After a short conversation I ask her, “What’s with the attitude Julia?”  Without missing a beat, she says, “What attitude?  You mean YOUR attitude that I have?”  I did what any parent, worth their salt would do… I walked away!

When we are “ON” we are very fun.  The crazy house.  The place that I think, all the kids’ friends love to hang around.  On one such day, with music on, and our door seemingly open to whomever.  There was some dancing going on in the kitchen, some conversations going on and of course laughing.  Everyone was enjoying themselve.

Now Jordyn is an old soul, and although she is not always willing to be in the center of things, or performing, she has such a great awareness of things. And with me, sitting back, a little proud of the mayhem, my eyes lock with hers and we share a knowing moment. And with a big smile, she says, “Our family is better than cable!”  I love it!

As is the case with so many of my stories, this next one takes place in the car. Well, I guess it started about 30 minutes, before we jumped in the car for the trip to the girl’s school, when I was selecting what pair of shorts to put on for my workday.  The cleaner ones of course!  So, just as I pull out of the driveway, my phone goes bing, and a reminder of a more formal meeting after work today.  Looking at my clothing choice, I decided to go back home and change, informing the girls of my mistake and telling them I need a nicer shirt.

Inside the house, upstairs, change and run back downstairs.  Out of breath, I jump in the still running car, only to hear Julia ask a question, in typical Julia style.  “Dad, is your nice shirt under that one?”  Oof that hurts!

In closing
For the last couple of weeks, we have been watching a 5 and a 7 year old for a couple of hours a day for friends of ours.  Having a little one around the house is fun in a bunch of ways, not the least of which is it’s a great reminder of the “out of the mouths of babes” syndrome that comes with the innocents of youth.  This week, after telling everyone, including the 5 year old, that I was running out to Tim’s for a tea!  It would seem that she totally gets me, and understands that I need guidance and reminding of this often.  “Don’t do anything crazy James!”  Of course, I love that she calls me James, but I also that she feels the need to remind me to keep my cool!

Trying hard not to do anything too crazy!

Thanks for reading and have a great and safe week!


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  1. Its about time! And for the record… Writing blog post are not considered doing anything crazy… So keep them up!

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