Marriage, Dressing Up, a Salad and to Fly Away

Marriage, dressing up, a Salad and to fly away, the musings from in and around the Carr’s for week 10

Friday, in a small chapel drenched in the glow of more then 100 flickering candles, I watched what must have been my 10th wedding ceremony this year. 10 weddings, not because I am popular or because I have a large number of single friends, but because in each case, I had a job to do. It always strikes me a little odd, that I get to be like a voyeur, and take part in such a special occasion, in the lives of people that in some cases, I have only met a couple of times. I get to listen to the very personal vows, hear stories of their lives together and watch their first kiss as a married couple and I always feel pretty special to be a part of it. I smile a little during the first dance, and cry a little during the father of the bride dance, perhaps with future visions of a dance or two yet to come in my life.

My takeaway point this day was something the justice of the peace said about marriage just before the lovely couple exchanged their vows. She said, “Marriage is not finding the right partner, it is in being the right partner” and I thought what a great way of looking at it. Sometimes, we look out when we should be looking in, and that is something I will always try to remember.

After a conversation with Olivia, the very talented photographer at the wedding Friday night, I am happy to report that she may have solved a very longstanding conundrum in my life. I have never been a big fan of Salad. I am very sorry, but I just don’t like the taste. Now, because I know they are good for me, and they do some wonderful and necessary things to the digestive system, I try to eat them when I am given one at a function, but truth be told, I could pass. The girls like them, and in the case of Julia and Nathalie, they could eat them as a meal alone.

The revelation came in the form of Olivia’s past job as a taste tester, and her understanding of taste buds. She informed me that it is possible that I am a super taster, and therefore, bitter is likely amplified for me. It all makes sense. I don’t like coffee or beer and of course salad, all things that have a taste based in bitter, and it is all because of my sensitive taste receptors. I have heard about these “super tasters” before but never made the connection that I may just be one.

Aside from Christmas, the most popular holiday in the Carr house is Halloween. The girls start talking about what they are going to be around November and sometimes modify their ideas as the year rolls on. This year Jordyn never wavered from her original “dead fairy” costume and although we only came up with our costume ideas in the last week or so, Julia was the one who changed her mind a couple of times over the months leading up to this week. Now in the end, we kind of helped her change it back to “the devilish girl” that she first suggested, so long ago, because we had already lined up some stuff for the ensemble.

The costumes main use was a ghoulishly fun party at the Shire, and our friends did it up great. Delicious plentiful food, nice music and a lot of fun and interesting people to laugh and talk with, all dressed up in great costumes. And just for deniability, if a picture ever turns up on the Internet of a hairy chested man in a pretty red and black dress, with a lovely blond wig and surprisingly bright eye lashes; it was NOT me!

It is hard to imagine that I am old enough to have a 19-year-old nephew, I know but that is just what I have after today’s birthday celebration for my older sister’s son Branden. Last year I shared the story of his birth, and how I was close enough to hear his first cry, and how proud I am of all that he has accomplished. Well, now we can check jumping out of an airplane at 12,500 feet to the list of things he has been able to do in his lifetime. Yesterday as a birthday treat for himself, he did what he has always wanted to do, parachute. Congratulations to my little buddy and NOW the sky is truly the limit!

In Closing
Not afraid of hanging out on the edge of controversy, I would like to share the shopping for Nathalie’s bra story with you. Yesterday, while going up and down the aisle, looking for just the right new bra, Nathalie is flipping in this section and that section. The girls, never further than an earshot, overhear her complaining under her breath about a lack of what she would describe as “cute ones” in her size. “Look only black ones, and white ones all very boring and none of the pretty ones in my size” Nathalie finally says loud enough for her cart pushing husband to hear and offer a “Ahh”, and then Julia’s pipes in by asking the all important question, “So Mommy are you a 3D or a 4D?” Good question Julia, I only wonder if you need special glasses to answer it?

Thanks for reading and have a great and safe week!

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