Crazy thought, School Yearbook, and Happy Happy Birthday

Crazy thought, School Yearbook, and Happy Happy Birthday, stories from the Carr family for one of the last weeks of the summer, fully protected with sunscreen.

I think all research and development into space exploration should be stopped. Add to that renewable energy and possibly all spending on the production and creation of reality TV. All this time, effort and money to be refocused into the development of a device that would allow us to record our dreams, like some kind of “mind-PVR”. Think about it. If we could roll out a 15 foot HDMI cable, and just lift up some skin coloured flap, at our hair line and “plug in” and see what it is that is going on in our mind at night, we may just be able to solve all the worlds’ problems.

I was having one heck of a time sleeping one night last week and while listening to Nathalie dream, I got to thinking about some of the crazy dreams, I think I have had. I say “think” because I can very rarely remember the wild worlds I have traveled to, or things I have done while REM’ing. I do know that sometimes, while just getting ready for bed, in those moments before you close your eyes, that your most creative ideas and answers to probing questions float around in your head. One of my mentors used to tell me that you should always keep a pad of paper beside your bed for jotting down the things that you come up with in this state.

I am sure, if we could somehow capture this information, more than some kind of chart and brain scanned plot on some graph paper showing increased activity, we would discover some wondrous things about our world and ourselves. Maybe, just maybe it would become the new reality TV.

What kind of student where you in high school? I have all my yearbooks from East York, and the other week, one was discovered and the girls where looking through it, trying to find pictures of me. It was from 1986, my grade 10 year and that particular year I was the background kind of student, not much of a center of attention. So other than my class photo and the stage crew picture, I think I am only found in the very background of a football game crowd shot. My sister Janey is in there a bunch, but not me.

The girls got a kick out of it none-the-less, and wanted to show it to all who crossed their path. They asked the question, “Will we have a yearbook when we are in high school?” and that got me thinking about them growing up and actually going to high school, and that was a little scary! They also seemed genuinely upset when I told them when the book came out I was mad because I was missed in the picture of the group that did the school musical, “Hello Dolly”. I was in the production, even had a line, but was not in the picture for whatever reason. I wasn’t even named in the, “Absent” section. I was able to turn it into a lesson about getting involved, and I sure hope they do… just not too soon.

This blog is a re-cap of things that both pop into my mind in any given week, and of course a log of significant events in and around the Carr house. When I write something about this part of August, I have to talk about an important anniversary, of the birthday variety. 10 years ago, the biggest little girl came into our lives, and the joy we have felt in her presence since that day is significant. When anyone who meets our girls, tell us afterwards how wonderful they are, when they describe Julia they use words like funny, old sole, smart and entertaining. I think the best complement to parenting you can receive is how well liked your kids are and the truth is we must be great parents!

I did not write a blog back in May when my oldest turned into a teenager, so I am happy to include a mention of her in this post. Jordyn is aging finer than an expensive bottle of wine, impressing us each day with her sensitivity and kind heart. 13 and 10, both in double digits. Wow, time is just racing by.

Last year in some kind of idiot savant, forward thinking decision; we purchased 2012 season passes for Canada’s Wonderland for the whole family. Nearing the end of school, when the commercials started airing, the girls where pumped about spending a lot of time there this summer. Well, one thing leads to the next, and before you know it is August and we had yet to go to Wonderland. In the last two weeks, we have gone twice, and have had a blast. Think we will sneak another couple of visits in before the park closes for this year too.

The girls are not too adventuress when it comes to thrill rides, so we can avoid the longest lines most times. This last time we went, we took one of the girls’ friends, so Nathalie was able to go on some of the more crazy rides with her. Drop-Zone was the last ride of the night and I some how got involved in the lineup, and although I am not afraid of heights, or averse to going on rides, it is not normally my thing. The ride was fun, but the look on the ride attendant’s face at the end of the drop, worried me a bit, when my release got stuck and would not let me out. Nathalie laughed and said to the attendant… “Does that mean he has to go again?” “Umm… ok?” Guess she wasn’t as worried about the safety issues as I was. So I got to double ride… and lived to tell about it….

In closing
When the previews first came on the television for “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” both Nathalie and I stared at each other, mouth open, saying in unison, there is NO way we are watching that crap! Cut to a month later, and we have actually watched a couple of episodes, some all the way through! Now for judgment purposes we are not fans and don’t have a “rush home to watch” mentality with it, we look at it more like a train wreck, that you can’t look away from. In this week’s episode not only did the train crash, but there was a couple of cars and a 4 wheeler in there for good measure too. The best, though made it to Nathalie’s FB timeline in the form of a picture of the TV screen, in an “I can’t believe it moment”. The picture is of a sign above what looks like any common general store in the south US except for the spelling. “Kuntry Stoe”. We could not believe our eyes, and if we hadn’t rewound the show and snapped the picture, we might never have. Still makes me laugh when I think about it!

Well off to check some sign speelin’ of my ohwne!

Thanks for reading and have a great and safe week!