6 months, School, Some Shopping and Red and the Cowboy

6 months, School, Some Shopping and Red and the Cowboy.  Finally some stories and thoughts from in and around the Carrs for another Confession.

6 Months
May 17, 2013 was the last time I opened the file I use to edit and scribble the rough work of the confession pages.  It is certainly not because I have not felt the need to write. I have had spits and spurts of ideas and thoughts of things to share, but just never started.  At a gathering the other week, the topic of my blog came up, and around the room, there were a couple of people that have read the posts before, and I was genuinely touched by their positive feedback.  Not the least of which was Nathalie saying, “I guess nothing at all has happened in our lives since last May!”  And just last week, at work a colleague referred to me as a good writer.

I am not sure that I would call myself a good writer, but it sure felt good hearing others go on and on about me.  A guy could get used to it!  I think the idea of scribing an account of the comings and goings of my family, on a weekly basis, still caries some water, so I will maybe give it a shot again, and start to post a recap on Fridays.  No promises, but here it is for this, the second last week in 2013.

A lot has happened, with respect to school since May, and I will not attempt to recap it all.  But, I will say that both Jordyn and Julia are doing great in their respective grades and schools.  Julia is in grade 6, and working hard on each subject, and getting great and positive feedback from all the staff.

Jordyn is enjoying her first year at high school, and exceeding any expectations we had with respect to marks.  I guess the conversations of the first few days, have held true.  During the weekend, after the first week of classes, she said to me, “Daddy High School has changed me, I can’t wait for school on Monday” Not believing my ears, I asked, “What are you doing Monday that you are looking forward to?”    She said, “Making pancakes!”

Red and the Cowboyedit2_cowboy

Ever see a couple on a dance floor, so obviously and intensely in love, that no matter the number of people around them, or the lights or sounds of the room, their eyes are looking directly into each other’s souls?   I have had the pleasure.  That joy.  The shear enjoyment, that comes from watching this love live.  Red and the Cowboy loved this way.  In total sync, with every step and breath and with such an abundance of love, it often spilled over to those lucky enough to be around them.

It was my friend, the Cowboy that first told me the story of the lonesome cowboy and described the picture you see here.  Today in thinking about that conversation I can’t help but feel very emotional about it, as this cowboy has now lost his dance partner, the love of his life and his dear Red.

A friend of mine was just talking to me last night about being a little down, as it was the first anniversary of loosing a close friend.  I told her that I am a big believer in the, “Everything for a reason” philosophy, and although you don’t know now, and may not for a while, the “reason”, one day it will become clear.  I have no idea what the lesson it will be the Red has taught us, but for now I can only thank her for the dance.



It is no secret that Nathalie is our little family shopping ninja.  Often leaving the store, with more than one should, having paid as little as she has.  I am truly the benefactor of this, may times.  The girls also benefit, not only because they get the clothing or the results of the shopping, but also, because they are learning how to shop as well.  A few weeks ago, Julia asked me to drive her to the store, so she could pick up a couple of Christmas gifts with her own money. (That’s another awesome success story as well, more on that later.)

Julia’s spin on the benefit is one that Nathalie should be proud of.  Julia bounces back in the car, happy to share that the stuff she wanted was on sale.  “Daddy, the shirts where 2 for $15.  I only needed one for Jordyn, but I got two for the same money.”  I told her that I was proud of her shopping ability!  She said, “only I am not sure Jordyn is going to like one of the tops I selected, but I love it… So I may just keep it!”  Ahh, now it makes even more sense!

In Closing
One night I was out DJ’ing so Nathalie made it a movie night with the girls.  It sounded so fun, that the two girls next door, also came over and Nathalie live tweeted the comments and conversations that 4 girls under 16 had watching her favourite movie Steel Magnolias.  And some of it was funny.  In fact she sent me an email, with the title “blog” recapping a Julia observation, she was suggesting for a future blog.

Remember the scene, where they are decorated the car with condoms? Julia says, “Condoms look funny blown up…the look like they have wieners on the tip of them!”  Got to love her!

Off to buy a lock for my drawer,

Thanks for reading, and have a great and safe week!

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