House Work, some Customer Service and Putting Up Big Numbers

House Work, some Customer Service and Putting Up Big Numbers, the week 46 blog is up, yes late but up just the same!

Well it happened. I didn’t think it was going to happen this week, but it has happened. I now own my very first “I may be old, but…” T-shirt. Truth be told, I did not actually buy it for myself, but it is in my possession so as I understand, the way it goes, it is mine! Somehow, I have to come to grips with the idea that I, indeed “may be old”. I am sure happy it is not a “I may be TOO old, but…” T-shirt, because that would be really hard to take, but for now I just have to be cool about it. What makes the t-shirt that I got this week somewhat tolerable was the rest of the statement. You see I got the shirt from Nathalie and what it actually says is “I may be old, but my wife is a BABE” and that she is, so its all good!

Well the blog is up 3 days late because I had to focus on the house and some big time renovations. This weekend, we have new carpet on our stairs, we put up 7 doors, and completed a whole bunch of trim and molding and finished it all of with 1, 2 or 3 coats of paint. It is not all done, but the progress has been fantastic and so much closer to completion. The deadline, a noticeable glow of light coming from the upcoming First Communion for Julia is only a couple of weeks out, so we need to get it all done.

There is some incredible satisfaction in being able to accomplish as much as we have with the house since we moved in just 8 months ago and that is largely because we have done most of the work ourselves. Skinned knees, sore backs and arms & legs aching from muscle use they are unaccustomed to. Yes, very proud and glad that we have the skills, but also that we are willing to just try.

Customer Service
Ever have really good or really bad customer service? Ever have both in the same weekend? That was the Carr’s this weekend. Now we are big fans of very good service. When we get it, we are the ones who call the manager over and acknowledge it with kind words as well as a nice tip. We are also the ones who will throw the bad server under the preverbal bus, by spilling the beans to the manager.

Saturday, out with good friends, we ran into the bad customer service, and thanks to a complaint to the owner, we got moved to a new table, and as a result a much better server.

Love the Sharing
The second customer service story was from Sunday night. We arrived at least 10 minutes before the table beside us, and when their table with 2 more people then ours got their food first, you can imagine we were looking around for the person in charge to have a little conversation. But we didn’t have to because our server dropped by with the apology that came with 15% off the bill, before we could raise a hand. YES, Great service for us, but…

What went wrong was at the table beside us. We watched the incredible rudeness and attitude first hand, but it was not what you might think. The raised voice and sharp tongue was from the customer, who felt that the server had “rubbed him the wrong way” since they sat down. Apparently, the take out container that she brought, at his request, was not big enough to hold all the food left over. When she said that was the only size they had, he just lost it on her. His wife took their kids, and left the husband at the table during his tirade, I guess she thought he was over-reacting as well. The girls sat there looking at buddy with their mouth wide-open as he continued his barrage on the waitress. We found out later, that on the $90 bill, he left a grand total of $1.60 tip but that’s not all, he also left the server crying in the back room.

During the beratement, the server showed tremendous composure and was so apologetic, offering every solution she could to his problems. In the end, I think he was just an ass and was having a bad day, and wanted to take someone down with him. But what did feel good, was lodging our own complaint to the manager, on behalf of the server, to back the side of the server, she was very friendly, and helpful, and was nothing but kind to that table.

More readers then ever!
I have said a couple of times that I don’t blog on weekly bases for the notoriety, or fame of any kind, it’s only for my personal growth, and the hopeful enjoyment of my friends and family. But yet, I still anxiously check my site stats every week to see how many site viewers I get. Now before I start a mass panic, I can’t see who is actually reading, only where you are reading it from. For example, since February 28, 2010 I have had 6 visitors from California, 2 from Missouri and 1 from Illinois. I love it! Conquering the US, with the comings and goings of the little old Carr family. OK, I guess that is not a resounding conquer, but it feels good to know that some people are reading and because know one has said it is horrible I will always assume that what I do is somewhat OK. OK to the point that last week, I had more readers then I have ever had since I started writing the blog. Thanks again for reading!

In closing
Sometimes I can’t believe how great of a memory Jordyn has. Julia remembers odd things too, but Jordyn pulls the smallest things out of thin air and does it all the time. The craziest stuff! “Remember when you were wearing that white shirt and you spilled stuff on it when I was in grade 1, and you said that you would buy me something if I didn’t tell mommy” kind of stuff. This week during the car ride home from dance, Jordyn said, “I think I would like to be a bird”. Nathalie and I just exchange a glance and she continues, “remember birdie work daddy?” in reference to a blog story more then 8 months ago about a conversation we had in the car while passing some very busy birds working the side of the road. Amazed that she would remember that I ask, “Would you like to work as a bird?” smiling she says, “yes I would be the boss!” “So Jordyn, why else would you like to be a bird?” With an imaginary finger on her chin, she ponders her answer as if she is looking for the deep, Miss America, change the world type answer and she finally says, “I just think it would be cool to fly everywhere!”

I think you have a good point Jordyn that would be cool!

Flying into a short workweek, thanks for reading and have a safe and happy week.

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