Mornings, Apples and a little white Shell

Mornings, Apples and a little white Shell, all part of week 24 in the Carr house with at least one laugh guaranteed. (*the guarantee has no monetary value)

I kicked morning’s ASS. Ok, well I scared it a little. No you are right, I ran away from morning this week, crying like a scared little boy and it was calling me names and laughing at me. You see according to Nathalie, I am the hub in the Carr household, in the morning anyway. If I don’t get up and start the ball rolling for the Carr girls, we quite possibly could sleep-in all day. I hate the mornings, but I get up and try to do so on time because I am the hub after all.

For whatever reason, both Nathalie and I had some sleep issues this week and the snooze alarm got a true workout and I got reminded how much I hate mornings. Truth be told, I have always had a problem with getting up early. When I was a teen, I could go to bed as late (or early) as I wanted to as long as I could sleep-in to at least 9:00 I was, for the most part, happy. 9:00 doesn’t work when you need to get girls to school, Nathalie to work, and catch a bus to go to work yourself. No this week, morning got the better of me, but NEXT week I am going to kick its’ ASS.

Apple Day
I love that Julia loves her fruits and vegetables! Nathalie does too but, Jordyn is a little more like me perhaps then I would like when it comes to that particular food group. I try to eat what I can myself and also try to encourage her to eat more. So I laugh every time I make the kids lunches and keep cutting up apple slices for both girls, knowing what happens to the ones I pack for Jordyn. A couple of weeks ago, I thought I would try a different tactic and send some caramel sauce for dipping. I was thrilled to find an excited little girl at the sitter’s house with greetings and smiles and a big thank you hug for her “lunch surprise” only to find out that the only thing she dipped in the caramel was her finger.

I was cutting Tuesdays apples for the un-official “Carr girl Apple Day” and Julia confessed that she loves apples, but hates the seeds. I told her that without the seed, there would be no apple trees and therefore no apples to eat. She said, “I know, I just hate stopping for the seeds and wish I could just eat the whole thing”. Good point Julia!

Shell Game
I have a shell in my car. You might not notice on my it on my dash, but it is beautiful pearly white, with wind and water worn edges and a smoothness that is softer then you would think just looking at it. Made that way, I am sure from years of rolling around in the sand and surf off the gulf coast of the United States. You see, I picked it up on our family vacation 2 years ago on a Florida beach and I love how it makes me feel when I see it. Memories of a great road trip, sunny skies and a time when the only stress in my life was the enormous burden of being the only one to hold down the pool-side deck chair. I loved that trip and all the family trips and sure missed not doing our annual summer trip this year, something we had to give up to buy our house. So on a cold rainy, “wanted to go back home to bed” kind of day, the only thing I have is a little shell on the dash of my car. Today, I think I am going to put it in my pocket just because.

In Closing
This week, I used Nathalie’s car for a quick trip to the store and loved the fact that the stereo was SO loud when I started the car; it scared the crap out of me! She went to the PINK concert a couple of weeks ago and is still in love with her latest CD. In fact, her status updates this week have, for the most part, been lines from PINK songs and her new personal anthem is the track that I first heard when starting the car – “Glitter in the Air”.

“Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air? Have you ever looked fear in the face, and said I just don’t care?”

I love it! The power of language, a collection of words that by themselves are relatively simple, but weaved together in a magical way are able to mean, motivate, make cry or make smile, anyone and this week, thanks to Nathalie and her cranked tune, these little words made me laugh. So go ahead, say “I just don’t care!” you will love it!

Thanks for reading and have a great and safe week!

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