Giving thanks two, some cold water and date night

Giving thanks two, some cold water and date night, the week that was week 23 in and around the Carr house.

Little Piggy
When I wrote my last confessions post, I warned we would have a re-cap of the comings and goings of the little road trip the Carr’s took as part of Thanksgiving long weekend. So here is what we are allowed to talk about (cleared by the lawyers of course!). The Sunday drive to the McCloskey compound for turkey, laughs some music and good cheer and a little piggy roast for good measure was a blast. When selling the trip to the girls, we left that last part out, not knowing how they would react to little Wilbur rolling around and around over some glowing coals, being beer basted every 15 minutes. Nathalie thought at the last minute it might be a good idea to let them in on it, just before we got there, incase we roll up and the first thing we see is the spit.

The conversation went something like this. Nathalie starts, “So girls, you know we are having turkey today, but we are also going to have ham”. So far so good, they like ham, and seem excited. “For the ham, they are having a pig roast,” continues a now smiling Nathalie. They seem curious, but are not asking any questions so she continues “A pig roast is when they have a real pig, complete with his head, turning around over and over on a fire. The look on their faces is a little more curious, but not disgusted so then she asks the all-important question, “Are you both ok with that? If you see a pig cooking, you are going to be ok with that?” They think about it for a minute, and say, “I guess if we don’t have to touch it”.

The Water
It turns out Sunday at the cottage of the Thanksgiving weekend is the symbolic last day at the cottage, so there are some “closing” type things that need to happen and with me being the nice guy I am, I watched intently while they did them. Ok I did pitch in and help with what I could do and would have done more if they had a wetsuit large enough for me! You see the two big jobs on the list where 1) pull out the one last boat still in the water, and 2) remove the two boatlifts from the water. Each job would surely not be that bad, if the water was “swimming pool” temperature, but I am afraid on this 11th day of October it was a little chilly. Lets just say that there was some “shrinkage”. All who got into the water, got out safely and the boat and lifts where removed to cheers from the crowds gathered to root us on.

The Date
We are lucky to always find time to still go on dates, something that both Nathalie and I have regarded to be a very important thing to do for us as a couple. Not only does it give us some alone time, but also it gives the girls time away from us! They love their regular sitter “G”, and always have way more fun with her then they would just hanging out with us. She brings crafts, and paints their nails and plays the Wii with them and she even lets them stay up a little later. Saturday we did a double date with some great friends and had a yummy meal and went to see “Couples Retreat”. One of the funniest movies I have seen in a while, so we recommend it to anyone.

The House
We have been making some progress with the long list of little things, still to complete on the house, and the weekends are the best time to get a handle on stuff. So this time around I finished two electrical projects I have needed to get to. The first, a new outlet in the front hall and the all important outside lighting! You see, up until Saturday, we have had no lights at the side of the house or on the front porch. All fixed now. People I tell that we still have a long list of little things to finish, remind me that the list will never get complete and that is “just a fact of home ownership”. If you know of any tricks, like magic dust to spread around, you would let me know right?

In Closing
What a boring week! No stories about squirrels or nails. No quotable quotes from any of the Carr girls and not too much to say that is funny so, I will close with one of my favourite lines from the movie “Couples Retreat”. During one of the couple-building exercises all the couples need to strip down to their skivvies on the beach, one of the men reveals he is not wearing any underwear, Vince Vaughn asks (without looking) “Is his junk out? Great now we have a Party”. So I guess if you are having a party any time soon, let’s hope your junk is hanging out!

Have a great week and thanks for reading.

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